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Mount Monadnock - New Hampshire.  3,166 Feet
Mount Monadnock - New Hampshire. 3,166 Feet

Needs Assessment & Baseline Financial Forecast

Our initial conversation will cover the details of your "financial life." Instead of having clients fill out a form, we find our conversational method as a much more effective process in collecting the data we need. We will develop a baseline forecast inclusive of income, major expenses, savings and required investment returns. This will serve as a touchstone for future update meetings and will be revisited at least once per year.

Develop an Investment Strategy

Based upon the client specific forecast and risk tolerance we develop a detailed investment strategy. The strategy will include asset allocation and security selection, as well as a targeted rate of return and range of potential outcomes. Every client is unique, therefore each investment strategy reflects client specific details relevant to each household we serve.

Newport Bridge - Newport, RI
Newport Bridge - Newport, RI Built in 1966
Charles W. Morgan - Mystic, CT. Built in 1841
Charles W. Morgan - Mystic, CT. Built in 1841

Implement Investment Strategy

After reviewing and revising the detailed strategy, we will implement across all accounts (IRA's, After-Tax, Trust, 401(k), 403(b), 529, SEP, etc.). Implementation of these plans will be discussed and reviewed during regular face-to-face meetings. These meetings will also be an opportunity to discuss any changes in circumstances or prospective actions you are considering.

Manage, Monitor, Measure

A customized summary statement is provided by WJ Financial Advisors, LLC to provide a "one-page financial snapshot" on a quarterly basis. This snapshot is customized for your specific needs and will explain actions taken (or soon to be taken) with regard to the stewardship of your assets.

Breakwater Lighthouse - Old Saybrook, CT. Built in 1886.
Breakwater Lighthouse - Old Saybrook, CT. Built in 1886.